Ultrapath XX was organized June 7 and 8 2022

Ultrapath XX was organized June 7th and 8th  2022.  For more information please email the organizers at ultrapath2020@amsterdamUMC.nl.


KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Ultrapath 2022 will take place at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, see: www.kit.nl

We will have morning coffees and lunches at the Boardroom and scientific sessions at the Maurits room.

Address Conference site

Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam


Hotel Reservations

The registration does NOT include hotel reservation. We advise the participants to book their room in advance as Amsterdam hotels are often fully booked. 


We suggest to book a room a few months in advance in one of the following hotels:

  • Hotel Arena
    ‘s-Gravesandestraat 55, 1092 AA Amsterdam
  • The Manor Amsterdam
    Linnaeusstraat 89, 1093 EK Amsterdam
  • Hyatt Regency Amsterdam
    Sarphatistraat 104, 1018 GV Amsterdam
  • Generator Hostels
    Mauritskade 57, 1092 AD Amsterdam


By plane

The nearest airport is Schiphol.
Further information can be found at: https://www.schiphol.nl/en/

From Amsterdam Schiphol airport
Participants arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol airport can travel by train to Amsterdam Central Station (10-20 minutes, see further instructions below) or by taxi.

Public transport
See this website for up-to-date bus & train connections and departure times (in English!)


Consult google maps (for public transport/car/bike/walking) in order to get your route directions.

By public transport

The railway station is directly below the airport. You simply get on an escalator down to the railway station. Before you go down on the escalator, you need to buy a ticket. Take a train to Amsterdam Amstel via Amsterdam Central Station.

Other public transport options:

The Tram stops Alexanderplein and Linnaeusstraat are both right in front of our building and are easy and quickly available:

From Amsterdam Central Station: tram 14 – tram stop Alexanderplein

From Amsterdam Sloterdijk: tram 19 – tram stop Alexanderplein

From Diemen: tram 19 – tram stop Linnaeusstraat 1e van Swindenstraat

By taxi

From Amsterdam Schiphol airport to the conference venue
25 minutes (if not during rush hours) and around 65 €.

From Amsterdam Central Station to the conference venue
10 minutes and around 25 €.

By car

Take the Watergraafsmeer/Diemen (s113) exit from the A10 ring road. At the end of the road choose the exit heading to Centrum/Watergraafsmeer. Continue through via the Middenweg that turns into the Linnaeusstraat. Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen is located at the end of this street on the corner of Mauritskade.

Where is the nearest parking garage?

Q-Park Oostpoort

Polderweg 92

1093 KP Amsterdam

From this parking garage you can take tram 19 and you will arrive to the building in two stops.

Visa information

General Visa Information for The Netherlands

It is the attendee’s responsibility to investigate the visa requirements for the Netherlands and apply for a visa, if necessary.

You may need a short-stay Schengen visa if you want to visit the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days. This depends on your nationality. Visas must be applied for from the relevant Dutch embassy, consulate or representing consular Schengen office in the delegate’s country of residence.

The nationality of the participants and delegates will determine whether or not they are required to apply for a visa. Delegates are requested to visit this website for more information. 

Customs Requirements

Do not forget that certain goods are illegal to bring into the Netherlands and others require a duty payment. For Dutch customs regulations, please visit this website. For more information on travelling with medication, please consult this webpage on which medicines fall under the Opium Act for Schengen countries. If the medicine you will be taking to the Netherlands is listed in the Opium Act, you will need to apply for a Schengen certificate. For more information on medicines and customs, please visit this website, or contact the Dutch Public Information Service.

Invitation Letters

If you require a visa, you need to obtain and submit an official letter of invitation from the conference organizers to help facilitate the visa process. Please note that letters of invitation are only issued to registered and paid attendees.

Follow these steps precisely to receive your letter.

  • Send an e-mail to : ultrapath2020@amsterdamumc.nl with the subject line: Invitation Letter – Your Name
  • Provide these details, with a corresponding number:
    1. Full Name
    2. Name of Organization, and Credentials (Job Title)
    3. Postal Address at Organization (Work)
  • Make sure your registration fee for the conference has been paid in full. Requests for invitation letters will not be processed if your registration is unpaid.

If approved, your letter will be sent via e-mail. We are not able to provide letters via postal mail.

General information

Meeting language

The official language of the Ultrapath 2020 is English. Translation services will not be provided.


The official currency in The Netherlands, is the euro (€).

Notes: € 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500.
Coins: 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents; 1 € and 2 €.

Power Plugs and Sockets

In The Netherlands the power plugs and sockets are of type C (so called “Euro” plug) and type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. 

Time Zone

The Netherlands is on Central European Time – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 1 hour.

From April to October it is summer time, i.e. GMT + 2 hours.

Climate and clothing

Summers in The Netherlands are generally warm, averaging 19-21°C in June, with occasional colder periods. Rain can be expected throughout the entire year, so it’s best to pack a jacket and a raincoat.

Mobile Phones

You can use the Dutch network with your own mobile telephone. The costs for mobile telephone calls depend on your own service provider. You can also buy a prepaid phone card. These cards are available at various prices at supermarkets, post offices, gas stations, tobacconists and phone shops.

During Ultrapath, participants are kindly requested to turn off or switch their mobile phones to silent mode in the meeting rooms when scientific sessions take place.


In the Netherlands you can find numerous places where you can use a computer with internet access, including internet cafés, libraries and almost any hotel. Nowadays many restaurants, lunch rooms, coffee shops and cafes also offer free WiFi services. Travelers from the European Union can use their own data plan without roaming costs. During Ultrapath, wifi will be available.

Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted for payments in most hotels and restaurants. Please be aware: you cannot pay by credit card in a supermarket (only debit cards or cash). ATM machines are available at many places.


Although all restaurants, pubs, cafés and hotels must include value added tax and tips in their published prices, leaving a tip is customary in the Netherlands. A good guideline is 5-10% of the total amount if you are having just a light snack and something to drink, and 10-15% for a more extensive meal.


The organizers cannot accept any liability for personal injuries or for loss or damage to property belonging to the participants/exhibitors, either during or as a result of the event. Participants and exhibitors are advised to take proper travel and health insurance before departing from their home country.

Dutch Language

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. The majority of the residents speak English well and many are fluent in one or two languages on top of that. For those keen to try, learning a few words or phrases will always go a long way with the locals.

Some words/phrases:

Hi / Hello

Hoi or Hallo (hoy / hah-loh )

Yes / No

Ja / Nee (yah / nay)

Good morning

Goedemorgen (khoo-duh-mawr-ghu)h

Good evening

Goedenavond (khoo-duh-nah-fohnt)

Good afternoon

Goedemiddag (khoo-duh-mih-dahkh)

Good night

Goedenacht (khoo-duh-nahkht)

How are you?

Hoe gaat het met u? (= formal) (hoo khaht ut meht ew)


Hoe gaat het? (= informal) (hoo khaht ut?)

Fine / Very good

Goed or heel goed (khoot / hayl khoot)

See you later (in the same day)

Tot straks (toht straks)

See you soon

Tot zo (toht zoh)

Thank you

Dank u wel (= formal) (dahnk-ew-vehl)

Dank je wel (= informal) (dahnk-yuh-vehl)


Alstublieft (=formal) (ahlst-ew-bleeft)

Alsjeblieft (= informal) (ahl-shuh-bleeft)

Important Telephone Numbers


Emergency services (fire brigade, police, ambulance)

+31 (0)900 8844

Police information (non-emergency)